Pathway to full-stack development.

The far-flung era of technology with new launching apps, websites, and various gizmos everything takes coding, this escalates huge hiring in developers’ domains. You might or might not know about the three-tier architecture: The presentation layer, the business layer, and the database layer.

Which requires different people to be hired front end developer for the presentation layer, back end developer for the coding part, the business layer, and the database layer for calling the database.

Hiring different people for particular work is not an accessible process and to solve this problem there comes the pantomath, the full stack developer.

Summing up the one Who is the only person responsible for handling the whole development process? A full-stack developer is someone who optimizes all his skills and takes responsibility for the whole program. He is culpable to handle the three-tier architecture alone.

Small startup companies or megacorps like LinkedIn and Facebook yen for full-stack developers.

However, it is not a painless task to become a full stack developer no one can be a master at these many languages altogether. So, Full-stack development apps available make the work easy for full-stack developers.

Just before buckling down with the flight to the steps of becoming a full stack developer check the details of presentation and business layers.

Similarly, When we look at any online shopping app the outlook which is seen by the user is the Front-End, the presentation layer. This demands knowledge of languages like HTML, CSS, and Javascript along with that it needs a creative head to design a presentable program page.

You should be both a good UI/UX designer plus the implementation of innovative ideas with color mapping, animations, and designs. The shopping cart, running the process of getting instructions from the users includes the back end development i.e the business layer.

Apart from this, It is the business logic with the Javascript framework. bootstrapping, JQUERY/REACTJS, ANGULAR, and VUE.JS, JAVA or VUE.JS,ASP.NET, JAVA, PYTHON, RUBY, etc.

Someone mastering it can also become a good backend developer. And the third layer is the database eventually the data has to be saved somewhere it goes to the database layer. Anyone with knowledge about SQL and NO-SQL languages.

The odyssey to full-stack development and some key points:

Those who think knowing only four languages makes you a full stack developer is a myth. And those who think it’s a job only for extraordinary people are not so close to the truth. By keeping these steps in mind you can plan a step-by-step career as a full stack developer.

Go for the front end development:

The first step to becoming a full-stack developer is to go for creative logic which will be an easy start. Front end development is an essential skill for full-stack development. The technologies must learn are:

HTML– HyperText Markup Language is the foundation language of every website page. By the use of this language, you define the structure of the page.

CSS – Cascading style sheet describes the style and the display of the website.

These files can be stored anywhere externally and used according to requirements. You have the freedom to play with the fonts and colors to get the desired website outlook.


JavaScript-The basic building blog of most of the coding languages is javascript. This is the best language, to begin with for those who want to pursue their career in programming must know JAVASCRIPT.

Languages like ANGULAR.JS,VUE.JS or NODE.JS are based on this language. This is the necessary programming language for front-end developers.


The next step to becoming a full-stack developer is to learn back-end development technology. Back end development is the business layer that needs business logic and integrations.

Some of the languages you can opt for back end development go like full-stack PHP developer, Full stack JAVA developer, or Full stack python developer.

Python- Python is a dynamically typed, integrated, portable, and high-level language. And it is very easy to learn and open-source. Many Graphical User interfaces can be made using python.

PHP-HyperText Processor is a scripting language that is open source, efficient, secure, and flexible language. PHP supports all the major OS. These are Windows, Linux, UNIX, and macOS. Major companies built with PHP are Facebook. yahoo, Mailchimp, WordPress, etc.

The third step is Database

SQL-Structured Query Language (SQL), The queries in the database are saved with this language. It is very simple to use, flexible, and fast processing language.

MongoDB- It is a cross-platform document-oriented database program. This NO SQL database has many features like indexing, replication, duplication of data, and makes storage of files less complicated. Uber, MEAN, travel perk are some companies using MongoDB.

What is MEAN and MERN stack???

MEAN Stack:

The full form of MEAN Stack is MongoDB, Express, Angular.js, Node.js. This is totally based on javascript. One of the fastest and easily upgradable stacks.


The meaning of the MERN stack is MongoDB, Express, React, Node.js.JavaScript Library. This is just the easier version of MEAN stack; only Angular.js is replaced with React.js.

Full-stack development key features:

  • Its the whole product development system.
  • Works on the features of the product and fixing bugs.
  • Enhances product performance.
  • Allows to save and develop the codes for future use.
  • Opens options of collaboration with the team to optimize the existing system.
  • Website maintenance.
  • Troubleshooting actions on UI.


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