Hire a Developer of your choice without worrying about technology, we got it covered for your dream product. Best Website development company in India

Dynamic, Efficient and Robust web applications enhances your digital business presence and significantly strengthens your hold in the market.

Our team of web developers are experts in development of rich, secure and high performing web applications using Open Source and Enterprise Web Technologies. With an experience of developing over 200 different web applications for various industries and a varied user base, we understand how, when and where to use which web technology to develop the best possible web application for our customers.

Technex Harvestgrid provides Best PHP Web Development Services in India and it leading Website development company in India offering top class website development services in worldwide.

Full Stack Web Developers in Pune

Full Stack

Our team of developers with an extensive knowledge of frontend and backend development are adept at programming languages such as PHP, Ruby on Rails, MySQL, HTML5, CSS etc. into your standard MEAN stack development. We also offer MEAN stack Development services as per our client’s requirement. Technex full stack developers experienced in developing fast and secure web portals. Our Full Stack Developers can help you craft complex web solutions that are scalable, secure and are accompanied with an intuitive UI.

Best PHP Web Development Company in India


We at Technex, have highly skilled team of PHP developers who are experts in  PHP Web Application Development. Our diverse and extensive experience as a PHP Development company has allowed us to rapidly conceptualise and develop bespoke solutions for startups, small, medium and large enterprises. You can hire PHP Developers from us who have experience in Agile PHP development to develop high quality, scalable, secure and robust applications built exactly to our client’s exact requirements.

ASP.Net Development company in India


We at Technex, have highly skilled team of ASP.Net developers who are experts in  ASP.Net Application Development. Our diverse and extensive experience as a ASP.Net Development company has allowed us to rapidly conceptualise and develop bespoke solutions for startups, small, medium and large enterprises. You can hire .Net Developers from us who have experience in Agile ASP .Net development to develop high quality, scalable, secure and robust applications built exactly to our client’s exact requirements.

Hire Node Developer in India


Developers at Technex are expert at Node.JS Development Services, a development platform that is based on Google’s V8 Javascript engine. With over 5 years of experience in Node.JS, our developers can rapidly develop custom solutions for Small, Medium, Large Enterprises and Startups. If you Hire Node.JS Developers from Technex, we guarantee that you get quick and timely delivery of your project while leveraging our experience as a top Node.JS Development company in India to ensure your complete satisfaction.

Wordpress development company in India


At Technex, we provide quality solutions for wordpress theme development, wordpress theme customization, wordpress website development, custom wordpress development, wordpress ecommerce development using Woo commerce and web portals using our diverse and varied industry expertise. Technex has emerged as a leading WordPress development company in India to provide scalable and secure business solutions for developing responsive and dynamic web portals for our clients while maximizing their ROI. 

Magento development company in India


Magento is a comprehensive and powerful content management system to cater to custom and complex features required for successful empowerment of E-Commerce businesses through online platforms. It is a PHP driven, open source, Model-View-Controller (MVC) based E-Commerce application development platform that provides scalable, robust and rapid web application development to support online businesses. 

Great Products on Web

Technex builds feature-rich responsive web solutions, both custom and platform-based, from scratch or using proven web development frameworks and tools. 

Web Development Company in India

Web Application

We provide end to end development services for web based solutions ranging from simple websites to complex enterprise portals and intranets, e-learning applications, domain-specific solutions built from scratch or integrated with the existing solution or third-party web services or API’s.

Content Management System

Content Management Systems

We provide custom development services for content management solutions ranging from corporate websites, media publishing websites to comprehensive enterprise systems for information gathering, management and sharing, as well as automation of repetitive processes. 

E-commerce Website development


We offer services to develop scalable Ecommerce solutions for a seamless and omnichannel experience, such as web stores with shopping cart integration, online B2C and B2B marketplaces integrated with payment gateways, inventory management tools, package tracking systems and integration with social networks. 

Website development company in India

Middle layer

We conceptualize, develop, implement and configure custom middleware web components from scratch or using existing middleware frameworks, while keeping in mind the current technology standards. Our custom middleware solutions simplify the communication process within the application and helps in managing critical data authentication, sensitive information encryption, caching, etc 

Process and Engagement

Our expert team of business analysts and solution architects can help you translate your vision into technology features, define and document product scope, and rollout an MVP strategy. We also assist you to develop and test a prototype, collecting feedback at every development stage, avoiding over- engineering while also including all the features your users really need. Our dedicated business analysts determine precise project needs and define development goals and the required services. Subsequent to our planning process, we send out a comprehensive and detailed proposed solution within 48 hours of receiving the requirement. We provide various options through our proposals to help our clients select the desired service in the form of a personal appointment. As soon as a decision has been made on a solution, we formulate the information in a contract for organizing every aspect of the project. In the rare event of deadline bottlenecks, we authorize the required and necessary development capacity, come up with fresh solutions if required and provide comprehensive project management and delivery support. 

Fix Time / Fix Cost Project Model

Fixed Time/Cost Project Model

We estimate fixed project budget, completely defined requirements and associated timelines. Technex covers all project risks and ensures timely delivery of the defined project scope.

Time and Material Model

Time & Material Model (T&M)

We base the project budget on actual efforts spent on development, which can be scaled up or down based on the changing needs for time and resources for the project.


Dedicated Team Model

Dedicated Team Model (DTM) 

A team of appropriate professionals with required qualifications for the project are assembled , who take full control and responsibility over project progress, timelines and overall budget. 

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