Video streaming, which includes both pre-recorded video and live streaming, has been considerably growing over the past few years. Commonly thought and used for personal entertainment, video streaming has also become an essential tool for businesses, educational institutions, media agencies and other type of industries.

A large part of the video consumption growth is related to the multiplication of the devices on which video content can be streamed. Streaming, which was once limited to computers, is now largely distributed on mobile devices.

There are currently two types of models for video streaming available in the market: free streaming (ad-supported services) or paid services (ad – services). The same company can carry both type of services.


The market is geographically spread out, which implies that many different are involved. In order to address that market, streaming service providers need to adapt their websites to their customers.

English is essential but might be insufficient for a true development. Language is not the only important aspect when addressing a geographically large market; currencies accepted are also a crucial factor. The Euro, the Pound, and a few

others may be essential in order to truly penetrate markets overseas.

A large majority of the broadcasters falling in this market are novices. They need support and education. This can be provided through online video tutorials and documentation, live support chat, phone, ticketing systems, etc. A simplified and user-friendly video platform is also an attractive if not essential feature for these customers. Indeed, support can be costly for a streaming company, hence reducing considerably margins.

On this market, benefits are made thanks to the large numbers of subscriptions, as margins are already quite small due to low pricing. The platform must be conceived to generate the lowest need for support possible. This can only be made possible thanks to an intuitive about user-friendly video platform, and complete online documentation (walkthroughs, video tutorials, FAQ, users community, etc.).

The SMB market is composed of various segments and each segment has different needs. In order, to succeed in the SMB market, the number of customers must be high, which means pleasing a wide range of customers. Many

different options are thought by different type of customers. For instance, sports broadcasters seek pay-per-view options, while online TVs prefer viewer subscription options. The features requested are numerous and while some are not essential, they can still weigh greatly in a competitive environment.


The main segments that Technex provide video streaming solutions include:

Sports: This category includes online classes, games and sports events, as well as online TVs focusing on sports only.

Sports broadcaster usually appreciate the opportunity to monetize their stream through pay-per-view and use online broadcasting to reach sports followers anywhere in the world.

Schools & Education: This category regroups all streams published for educational purposes. Broadcasters are school, colleges, universities and any type of educational program/training provided by an institution or an individual

(i.e. Instructional videos)

Marketing & Communication: They are small advertisement agencies, and networks, and public relation firms. They use videos as advertising or promoting tools for their clients. Their main interest lies in on-demand videos.

Some Salient Features

  • Real-Time Chat Functionality

  • Historical electronic records

  • Payment Gateway Integration with multi-currency

  • Multilingual support

  • Articles to publish

  • Streaming Server Used – Wowza / Kalthura

  • User accounts to manage Student & Instructor Profiles.

  • Requests from other App users

  • Send Friend Requests/ Follow People/ Be a part of different groups

  • Cloud Front Live Video Streaming

  • ranscoder for Conversion of Files

  • Use Comment, rating & review

  • Native Video Trimming

  • Twilio Integration

  • Video Streaming/uploading of 30 Second videos with a video trimming feature.

  • Comments and Reviews/Ratings

  • Push Notifications

  • Direct Messaging

  • Video Streaming Server/Upload recorded videos

  • Sharing on various social media platforms

  • Within App Chat & Messaging

Technology Stack

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