Many of the client’s residential health facilities were admitting a large number of patients with complex conditions, many of whom required attention from multiple doctors from different departments. The staff was struggling to communicate effectively through manual processes and to access the vital patient information they needed from time to time. These everyday challenges caused delays in daily care of the patients and a less than ideal overall experience.


The client is one of the leading healthcare & medical services provider in US providing services in consultative health care, medical imaging, residential health facilities, occupational therapy and primary health care. The client wanted to develop cost effective telehealth solution which could be offered to enhance the accessibility of primary healthcare to every individual across the world.

The client has partnered with 10 leading companies across the globe to provide substantial services to millions of consumers in the USA.


An ailing patient care delivery system
Patient care team were dealing with over occupancy of up to 110 percent, inefficiencies associated with manual processes, limited access to patient information and open-ended communication methods. These issues led to care delays, a lack of team collaboration and inaccurate discharge scheduling, all comprising the patient.


To address the workflow roadblocks and support the Client’s goal of providing a better experience for every patient, Technex proposed a mobile approach for managing and automating entire clinical process.

The client was looking for a solution designed to make patient health records available to doctors and resident patients on mobile devices which would allow them to consult with each other in real time so as to improve the level of interaction.

Technex created a comprehensive health care management platform that improved patient flow, safety, the quality of patient care and the overall patient experience.

The client and Technex co developed a nimble, mobile enabled care management platform to streamline workflow processes and create a “circle of care” around each patient. Care providers in the current scope of the mobility implementation have 24/7 access to patient information, collaboration tools and available hospital resources via a custom mobile app.

Some Salient features –

  • Real-Time Chat Functionality

  • Historical Electronic Health Records

  • 24/7 access to patient information

  • Integration with existing infrastructure

  • Ability to assign tasks and monitor activities


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