The client wanted to develop a web page for their fans and followers that would provide important details and game statistics in real time. They wanted a home page showing the latest sports articles and posts. List of featured games and an analyzer tool displaying statistics for selected players against selected teams. The Client also wanted to display a summary of featured articles to the non-members and a full view of articles to those members who have login credentials. Free Articles would be visible to all.


The Client has been reinventing the techniques that sports teams, media and fans leverage to collate, analyze, and ultimately utilize that data. Client is into the creation of advanced tools for the most extensive and visionary data set in the history of sports. Client helps fans to track every player detail and game detail and have successfully done so for about 48,000,000+ Events for the past two NBA seasons.

Client helps fans to dominate their fantasy leagues and tournaments with the data used by the pros.


Out of many other issues, two notable and major challenges faced were: 

  • Prismic: It was a complex process to integrate Prismic API, install it and utilize it in such a way that it could fetch the right content at the right time as required

  • CSV Import: The regular activities of the admin included uploading daily feed or data for tools using CSV file. The challenge was to import records as they were extremely large in number


We developed a platform for the Client that had various utility components such as games content, search tool, analyzer tool, DFS Assist tool and the clone lab tool and a glossary of terms used in games for the benefit of the fans that took care of all the requirements.

For the Featured / Free Articles / Games Content – The site administrator manages the content on http://www.prismic.io. We made use of Prismic SDK / API to fetch the required content and display it on the website. We provided the signup feature for V+ Premium which would be available as per the set rates, as well as a free 7 day trial.

Some Salient Features

  • Games: This section displays the listing of games scheduled for a day. The user can switch to view games for a particular date. The article or game can have an embedded instance of analyzer tool. To change a player or team name to see further you have to login.

  • Matchup Analyzer Tool: To receive insight on a specific player’s matchup. This unique tool displays the statistics of player(s) while playing against a particular team. The user can change the player or team name or contributing weights to calculate the statistics. There are different tabs to click and see the player’s ratings in each category. This tool is only available to registered users and one time display of statistics is available to non-registered users.

  • Clone Lab Tool: To find clones for players in categories such as scoring, passing, rebounding, and defense. It is a free tool that shows nearest neighbors or players in terms of performance for a particular player name entered. The Clone Lab is where you can experiment by mixing and matching different stat categories to find each player’s frankenstat clones. We use proprietary Client stats to create a play-style DNA for each player balanced with individual performance stats. We then run a Nearest Neighbors algorithm to determine which players are most similar to the subject in your selected categories.

  • Search: This featured is used to search articles by author name or by content in the article.

  • Glossary: Due to the depth of the Client data set, which captures more than 16,000 relevant data points in each game, new stats are created all the time. But the Glossary is the only section which provides users the most common terms and concepts that are used in Stats to help them understand each and every aspect of the game.

  • DFS Assist Tool: To find the best player in each position for today’s games. This tool is available to registered users only. It displays the ranking of players while playing in a particular position like forward, guard etc. You can customize the weightings of these stat groups by using sliders provided. The DFS Assist tool allows viewing players ranked by matchup and by expected DFS value in today’s (current) games.

Technology Stack

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