Our Services

Web Development

TechNex grew building web solutions and time and again has won customer’s trust by offering highly interactive experiences. This stands true for every available framework and tools.

Mobile Development

With mobile experience since 2009, Technex designs and builds mobile solutions across devices and platforms, for consumer-facing and corporate environment.

Application Development

Application development is an art and we have practiced it with 200+ clients across the globe making it a joyful ride for us and our customers.

Product Development

At TechNex, we engineer software to help our clients scale business and diversify offerings with the highest efficiency.

System Integration

At TechNex, we understand the importance of process automation and therefore develop systems which achieve an end to end integration to offer a one-stop solution.

Internet of Things (IoT)

Internet of Things opens up new fronts for technology solutions and therefore, offer better customer experience.

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