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Our Services

Developers at Technex are expert at Node.JS Development Services, a development platform that is based on Google’s V8 Javascript engine. With over 5 years of experience in Node.JS, our developers can rapidly develop custom solutions for Small, Medium, Large Enterprises and Startups. If you Hire Node Developer in India from Technex, we guarantee that you get quick and timely delivery of your project while leveraging our experience as a top Node.JS Development company in India to ensure your complete satisfaction.

Node.JS Development company in India

MVP Development

Our capability ensures speedy development in Node.JS to develop a Highly compact and scalable MVP of your project, enabling you to get a higher return on your investment with minimal risk. We analyse and validate your business concept with assistance from our subject matter experts and feedback mechanism to ensure your MVP is completely viable and ready to go live.

Hire Node Developer in India

Pug.js Templating

 Pug is a template engine created specifically for Node.js. A template engine allows us to inject data and then produce HTML. Pug helps us 40% code reduction to put together the same web page. Our Node.JS developers are also experienced in Web Templating using PUG.

Node.JS Development company in India

Maintenance & Support

As an integral part of our Node.JS development services, we provide support and maintenance services for bug fixes, addition of new features, maintenance and support for you existing Node.JS applications. We also offer 24/7 post-delivery service to support business critical applications

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3rd Party Integration

While hiring Node.JS developers from Technex, you can be assured of seamless and secure integration with virtually any of the popular 3rd party services. You can Hire Node.JS developers from Technex who can develop complete custom Node.JS solutions built exactly as per your business requirements.

Hire Node Developer in India

API Development

We can utilise Node.JS inherent capability and flexibility to develop API’s for our client’s web applications, offering a significant boost to the required functionalities within short period of time. Our expert developers leverage Node.JS to seamlessly handle data-heavy and data-rich processes that would otherwise slow down or hamper the performance of the application.


Front End & Backend Development

The compatibility of Node.JS’ with traditional JavaScript can be utilized by our developers to develop complex, robust and secure FrontEnd and BackEnd applications, with low latency and minimal overhead. We specialize in using AngularJS and ReactJS for frontend development.

Node.Js Development Company in India USA


This is an MVC framework that is used for creating real-time mobile and web applications. Derby’s Racer, a real-time data synchronization engine for Node.js allows multi-site, real-time concurrency and data synchronization across clients and servers. The racer optimizes conflict resolution and allows real time editing of the application by leveraging the ShareJS.



This is yet another MVC framework that has become very popular with Node.js developers. The framework has gained traction through the development of chat applications, dashboards and multi player games. It is most famous for building data-driven APIs. It uses waterline for object related mapping and db solutions. This framework uses Express.js for handling HTTP requests and is built upon Node.js. Its compatibility with Grunt modules, including LESS, SASS, Stylus, CoffeeScript, Jade, Dust makes Sails.js an ideal candidate for browser based applications.



Total.js is a modern and modular Node.js supporting the MVC architecture. Angular.js, Polymer, Backbone.js, Bootstrap and more client-side frameworks are fully compatible with this framework. This framework is totally extensible and asynchronous. The fact that it does not require any tools such as Grunt to compress makes it easy to use. It also has NoSql embedded in it and supports array and other prototypes.

Process and Engagement

Our expert team of business analysts and solution architects can help you translate your vision into technology features, define and document product scope, and rollout an MVP strategy. We also assist you to develop and test a prototype, collecting feedback at every development stage, avoiding over- engineering while also including all the features your users really need. Our dedicated business analysts determine precise project needs and define development goals and the required services. Subsequent to our planning process, we send out a comprehensive and detailed proposed solution within 48 hours of receiving the requirement. We provide various options through our proposals to help our clients select the desired service in the form of a personal appointment. As soon as a decision has been made on a solution, we formulate the information in a contract for organizing every aspect of the project. In the rare event of deadline bottlenecks, we authorize the required and necessary development capacity, come up with fresh solutions if required and provide comprehensive project management and delivery support. 

Fix Time / Fix Cost Project Model

Fixed Time/Cost Project Model

We estimate fixed project budget, completely defined requirements and associated timelines. Technex covers all project risks and ensures timely delivery of the defined project scope.

Time and Material Model

Time & Material Model (T&M)

We base the project budget on actual efforts spent on development, which can be scaled up or down based on the changing needs for time and resources for the project.


Dedicated Team Model

Dedicated Team Model (DTM) 

A team of appropriate professionals with required qualifications for the project are assembled , who take full control and responsibility over project progress, timelines and overall budget.