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Our Services

Our team at Technex consists of some of the Best Android app developers in India. With continuous improvements and updates to the Android SDK , there is no limit as to what can be achieved with Android App Development Services in India. Our extensive experience in android application development enables us to develop custom and bespoke solutions for Small, Medium and Large Enterprises quickly and efficiently. We utilize and leverage our technical know-how as an Android App Development Company in India to develop Intuitive, scalable, beautiful and secure Android applications tailored to our Client’s business needs. We can guarantee you of some of the most excellent Android Developers, if you avail our Android app development services India. So if you have an idea or a concept in mind, we have got the expertise to develop it into a fully functioning app.



Our Highly artistic and creative designers can design and conceptualize Beautiful and Intuitive User Interface for your project or carry out a complete overhaul of any existing app you have.

Custom Android App Development

You can avail our android application development services to develop complete custom solutions made for the Android platform with no reused code whatsoever

Top Notch Developers

As one of the leading Android app development company in India, Technex employs highly specialized developers who can create and develop applications for each and every aspect and feature available on the Android platform.

Development on the Google Play Store

As part of our Android Development service offerings, we ensure that your app is successfully deployed on the Google Play Store upon completion. We also help you with App store optimization during the initial days of your product launch.

QA & Testing

When you Hire an Android app developer from Technex, we assure you that your Project is thoroughly tested with multiple iterations including documentations of the test cases and the final User Acceptance Testing(UAT).

Maintenance & Support

As part of our Android application development services, we provide you with a warranty period of 30 days where we help you with the initial bug fixes, deployment issues etc. Post that we offer attractive Support & Maintenance packages to help your app grow and sustain.

Process and Engagement

Our expert team of business analysts and solution architects can help you translate your vision into technology features, define and document product scope, and rollout an MVP strategy. We also assist you to develop and test a prototype, collecting feedback at every development stage, avoiding over- engineering while also including all the features your users really need. Our dedicated business analysts determine precise project needs and define development goals and the required services. Subsequent to our planning process, we send out a comprehensive and detailed proposed solution within 48 hours of receiving the requirement. We provide various options through our proposals to help our clients select the desired service in the form of a personal appointment. As soon as a decision has been made on a solution, we formulate the information in a contract for organizing every aspect of the project. In the rare event of deadline bottlenecks, we authorize the required and necessary development capacity, come up with fresh solutions if required and provide comprehensive project management and delivery support. 

Fix Time / Fix Cost Project Model

Fixed Time/Cost Project Model

We estimate fixed project budget, completely defined requirements and associated timelines. Technex covers all project risks and ensures timely delivery of the defined project scope.

Time and Material Model

Time & Material Model (T&M)

We base the project budget on actual efforts spent on development, which can be scaled up or down based on the changing needs for time and resources for the project.

Dedicated Team Model

Dedicated Team Model (DTM) 

A team of appropriate professionals with required qualifications for the project are assembled , who take full control and responsibility over project progress, timelines and overall budget.