Video streaming, which includes both pre-recorded video and live streaming, has been considerably growing over the past few years. Commonly thought and used for personal entertainment, video streaming has also become an essential tool for businesses, educational institutions, media agencies and other type of industries.

A large part of the video consumption growth is related to the multiplication of the devices on which video content can be streamed. Streaming, which was once limited to computers, is now largely distributed on mobile devices.

There are currently two types of models for video streaming available in the market: free streaming (ad-supported services) or paid services (ad – services). The same company can carry both type of services.


The main segments that Technex provide video streaming solutions include:

Sports: This category includes online classes, games and sports events, as well as online TVs focusing on sports only.Sports broadcaster usually appreciate the opportunity to monetize their stream through pay-per-view and use online broadcasting to reach sports followers anywhere in the world.

Schools & Education: This category regroups all streams published for educational purposes. Broadcasters are school, colleges, universities and any type of educational program/training provided by an institution or an individual (i.e. Instructional videos)

Marketing & Communication: They are small advertisement agencies, and networks, and public relation firms. They use videos as advertising or promoting tools for their clients. Their main interest lies in on-demand videos.

Technology Stack

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