The Client has been reinventing the techniques that sports teams, media and fans leverage to collate, analyze, and ultimately utilize that data. Client is into the creation of advanced tools for the most extensive and visionary data set in the history of sports. Client helps fans to track every player detail and game detail and have successfully done so for about 48,000,000+ Events for the past two NBA seasons.

Client helps fans to dominate their fantasy leagues and tournaments with the data used by the pros.


We developed a platform for the Client that had various utility components such as games content, search tool, analyzer tool, DFS Assist tool and the clone lab tool and a glossary of terms used in games for the benefit of the fans that took care of all the requirements.

For the Featured / Free Articles / Games Content – The site administrator manages the content on We made use of Prismic SDK / API to fetch the required content and display it on the website. We provided the signup feature for V+ Premium which would be available as per the set rates, as well as a free 7 day trial.

Technology Stack

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