To monitor vehicles and other valuable movable assets from a remote location on a map, get notified on your smartphone app when things go wary, and receive trip summaries at the end of a journey with the app.


The app can track the movement and carry diagnostic on any vehicle, stationary or moving, provided a compatible OBD2 Adapter is attached to the vehicle. The adapter empowers the app to perform fleet tracking, monitor fuel efficiency, carry remote diagnostics, etc.

The app is everything an automobile hobbyist or professional needs in an app. It lets you carry remote diagnoses and tracking of a vehicle, provided it is equipped with OBD2 adapter.

If the vehicle is a part of a fleet, you can tell an awry driver from a decent one. The app saves fuel and elongates life of the vehicles.

The client and Technex co developed a nimble, mobile enabled care management platform to streamline workflow processes and create a “circle of care” around each patient. Care providers in the current scope of the mobility implementation have 24/7 access to patient information, collaboration tools and available hospital resources via a custom mobile app.

Technology Stack

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